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Better Design Better Living : A Wheelchair and Stroller Restraint on Public Bus

Accessible & SafetyWe got a good news from Singapore is testing the stroller restraint on public bus (Link ref : https://goo.gl/35kdPL). I, as a wheelchair user was extremely affected by an impractical layout design on public bus, which had mostly lower safety standard. And thought that this issue should be brought to the front line as one of priority concerns. After my trial abroad on public transportation in countries, I would like to share my opinions:

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“Please help me!..” a calling for help from PWDs…

Please Help MeThis morning, I got a call soon after I woke up. It appeared to be a very hotline asking for help from Jeab, and her team. They were going to Phit-sa-nu-lok for trip by AirAsia airline. One of her team member was an powered wheelchair user. The airline didn’t allow bringing his battery, necessary forpowered wheelchair, on board. So I suggested her to call any other hotlines for help, as possible as they could find, at the very intense moment.

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SabaLive BTS Asoke charged for crossing the station & using the elevator (Is it true?)

Saba Alex Liew Our long time no see dinner. Before living back home, Alex told me that were being charged for crossing over the station and using the elevator on BTS Asoke. How could it be this mess ? I’ve never charged any before. Let’s check this out .. . (Multilingual speaking)

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PWDs dual class action suits filed, challenging the New York City subway system’s Illegal discrimination against wheelchair users and others

New York City subway there’re still 350 stations in-accessible left totally 80% stations are unusable by people who can’t traverse stairs. And 25 stations got the elevators but recently remain as ‘out of service’

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