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You & I – Mega Bangna

ภาพ ซาบะนั่งอยู่หน้าร้าน กำลังชี้มือไปที่พื้นยกประมาณ 5นิ้ว

Recently, I have been frequenting this establishment and have had to rely on the staff to assist me with getting in and out every time. The none accessibility has transformed me from a person who has never had to ask for help to someone who now has to wait and request assistance by saying “Excuse me, can you please…”

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Mega Bangna’s accessibility score is the highest ever in shopping mall category! Perfectly brilliant and virtually all-rounded!

During 2017-2018, we had involved and made a deliberate consultation to the Mega Bangna’s management team. This inclusive collaboration included the accessible parking improvement, toilet redesign, its new zone of Mega Foodwalk, and many more. I still remember that one of the management guaranteed firmly that the mall would incorporate full accessible facilities so everyone can get access comfortably and equally. Time passed, and I regularly received good news about the mall’s traffic that increasingly welcomed variety groups of customers; family, the elderly, or the wheelchair users. They came there because they knew they could, thanks to the all promised …

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Thumbs Up!!! An excellent accessible parking at underground parking, Mega Bangna/Blue Zone

  Mega Bangna is the only shopping mall in Thailand that its quantity of accessible parking exceeds the minimum requirement by law. Months ago, we had intensively received numbers of reports about the misuse of priority parking, especially at its underground parking, Blue Zone. We decided to conduct a field work there so many times and have a honest talk with security officers who was in charge there.

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Mega Bang-na, is for everyone

6 Jan 2018 / Bangkok, Thailand: Mega Foodwalk, a brand-new zone of Mega Bang-na, has been opened for service. An executive guaranteed that their work on accessibility was in best deliberation to comfort all customers with ease like never before. Parking, slope, restroom even the park they’re all accessible.

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Accessibility Is Freedom met and hand-in a letter to the top management Mega Bangna Shopping Mall (Priority Parking Spots Stealing Problem)

Since Accessibility Is Freedom started doing the disabled parking campaign. Mega Bangna shopping mall was the one who has been renovated parking spaces quiet well. But for about one year of watching, the issue “non-disabled people” steal parking spots is not diminished. Often times I go to the mall, it’s found that none of disabled person parked in the disabled parking spots. The security staffs also can’t take the control good enough.

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The acceptance from Mega Bangna’s Management Team with SOLUTIONS on Priority Parking

Mega BangnaRecently, I just got an acceptance letter from Mega Bang-na, a leading shopping centre at Bang-na area, Bangkok, with clear path of solutions as followings; 1) Zoning on parking lots: fully completed at 6 by the progress. 2) Service on Priority Parking: security guards were on in-depth training to provide better service. We used to hand our guidance letter to them as the attached link. However, it needs people’s observation to help protecting the right on priority parking from ineligible customers. If you see someone illegally park on it, one simple thing you can do, without direct interaction, is …

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