Issues & Problems

Bangkok’s Air Pollution Problem (?)

ภาพ สภาพอากาศเหนืออาคารที่อยู่อาศัยบริเวรขอบๆ เมือง

The weather conditions above residential buildings, looking far into the distance around 5 kilometers, seem to indicate dust and smoke, visible to our eyes. It looks like this all the time and becomes clearer after rain. In the huge city, where people live closely together, this has become quite common. We just want to show it to all of us, make us aware that the problem is caused by us, and it’s up to us to fix it.

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[Special Lecture] Sustainable Development & Support System (Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University – Tha Prachan Campus – International Program)

ภาพ ถ่ายรวมหลังบรรยาย

This year marks the 5th year we’ve had the opportunity to give a special talk to the 17 international students of Thammasat University, Tha Prachan Campus, and this year I had more guest joining us. As always, we and activities where students experienced being less-able body, even just for a short time, to raise the awareness and empathy for those whose bodies have changed…

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Interview: On the use of Elevator and Employment of Persons with Disabilities (ThaiPBS Evening News 16 July 2023)

ภาพ ผู้สื่อข่าวกำลังนั่งสัมภาษย์ซาบะ

My extend writing belong to an interview was brief and possibly incomplete speak: Elevator usage: Considering relevant laws and the intended purpose, it can be interpreted as “reserved for those in need” and should be respected. However, from the perspective of persons with disabilities, it is all about “Inclusive Living” and utilizing various facilities.

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[Bangkok Footpath Review] Accessible, Safe, and High Standard!

ภาพ ซาบะอยู่บนทางเท้า มีรถมอเตอร์ไซด์อยู่ใกล้ๆ

June 4, 2023 The Yellow Line BTS (Skytrain) has started its operation. I saw locals trying it out and having fun, so I decided to give it a try as well. However, I know what I’d like to see. I didn’t have much time, so I couldn’t explore the footpath below Hua Mak Station extensively. Based on my observation, “We have excellent footpaths that are convenient, safe, and of high standards!” — #BangkokActNOW

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Improper Parking

ภาพ รถจอดทับเส้นข้างที่จอดรถคนพิการ

Yesterday, I couldn’t open the car door. I notified the security officer to call up the owner to move the car. He tried to ask the officer why they had to move, I show him that I was sitting in a wheelchair, and he had parked over the line. He was kind enough to apologize and move the car. This is a long-standing issue related to the lack of order in Thai society, particularly regarding parking habits.

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You & I – Mega Bangna

ภาพ ซาบะนั่งอยู่หน้าร้าน กำลังชี้มือไปที่พื้นยกประมาณ 5นิ้ว

Recently, I have been frequenting this establishment and have had to rely on the staff to assist me with getting in and out every time. The none accessibility has transformed me from a person who has never had to ask for help to someone who now has to wait and request assistance by saying “Excuse me, can you please…”

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Vending Machine Problem

ภาพ ซาบะกำลังชี้จอตู้กด ซึ่งอยู่สูงมาก

Several vending machines have become popular in our neighborhood lately, but they were not designed with the concept of “for everyone”. What are the issues with them? 1. The screen is placed too high, causing discomfort and difficulty in viewing. As someone of average height, I can only see and choose products from the bottom row.

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