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ต้มยำกุ้ง ทำง่ายนิดเดียว อร่อยยยย

ช่วงอาทิตย์แรกของการปิดบ้านปิดเมือง สำหรับผมเรื่องอาหาร ตกลงไปมาก อาทิตย์ต่อๆ มา โชคดีหน่อย ที่ชาวคอนโด มีการช่วยเหลือกัน มีการขายอาหารและส่งกันถึงห้อง แต่ก็ยังไม่สมบูรณ์อยู่ดี อาหารบางอย่าง เราอยากทานแต่หาไม่ได้ นี่เป็นที่มาของการเริ่มลงมือ…

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Heartless insurance

In the situation where people around the world have been fighting with the Coronavirus, people feel insecure. So, they have to find something to insure their life. It might be easy for all of you to do the insurance but not for people with disabilities. I have been hearing about Coronavirus insurance denied people with disabilities to do the insurance for a while but didn’t have a chance to deal with.

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“Road in Thailand is very safe…”

You might feel funny when you read the caption. I’m definitely not making jokes, for real ‘HOW COULD WE MAKE THE ROAD BE SAFE FOR EVERYONE?’ We’d like to hear your voices, problems and how to get it done. We’re working with the road safety networks and I will bring your voice up on to the meeting. To make the road be safe for everyone. SHOUT OUT LOUD!!  

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Makro Srinagarindra: Failure to comply with the law of accessibility

I have tried many times to meet with the management team of this branch, as well as handing my business card two years ago. Yet it never comes to actualize. However, one day I stopped by accidentally and figured out to meet with him firsthand. Finally, I succeeded. Due to my estimation, the parking lot of this branch should approximately be around 400 lots.

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“The disabled’s smashing of the BTS elevator” The Confession of the Incident.

I was invited to give a talk at an exhibition regarding accessibility. I wanted to tell everyone the truth about the incident on last year that why I smashed the BTS elevator. At first, this incident was aggressive and violent which everyone should avoid doing so. But since it already happened, we better find out the reasons. The Constitution of Thailand has stated clearly that “Human dignity, rights, liberties and equality of the people shall be protected. The Thai people, irrespective of their origins, sexes or religions, shall enjoy equal protection under this Constitution.” Well written. But in reality, PWDs …

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