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[Survey] Accessible Restrooms / Makro Nong Bua Lam Phu

ภาพ หน้าห้องน้ำ

April 9th, 2023 Four years ago, we recommended improvements to the basic accessible facilities to the management team of Siam Makro, and since then, All Makro in Thailand have significant improved. During the Songkran holiday, I’m back to my home country in Nong Bua Lam Phu Province and I had the opportunity to check up the accessible restroom. Overall, the facilities are good. The large restroom signs are visible from the distant, going in and out the room is good. The sliding doors are wide and easy, and the lighting is adequate. Additionally, the exhaust fans are effective. However, we …

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The accessible parking at Makro Srinakarin is exceptionally built with strict management.

I often dropped myself to shop at neighboring Makro Srinakarin, a major hypermarket in Thailand. I found its accessible parking was built with accurate engineering standard. The security officers also always kept an eyes on it to protect the rights of PWDs. The supporting elements like signboard was big and outstanding enough to detect. Big thanks to the Makro Srinakarin management team.  

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A field survey on accessible parking and facilities at Makro, South Pattaya (With Video clip)

This wasn’t quite a silent move. I got some works to do in Pattaya, so in spare time I managed to visit and investigate the accessible parking and facilities at Makro, South Pattaya branch. A great location with huge space and wonderful ambiance. The accessible parking consists of 3 slots: beautifully and correctly built with constant surveillance by the authorities.

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Makro join #THEONE team and upgrading its accessible facilities for more inclusive, safety, and cleanliness.

25th of June, I went to participate in a meeting with the management team of Makro (Siam Makro). My role in this context acted like an advisor building understanding, providing information, and suggesting related issues as a whole.   My guideline was to widen the perspective to include all groups of people, not just for PWDs, to provide equality and to all so that everyone is happy.   We wish that they will set a new standard for construction and make proper service management after work. We’re pleased to be part of the team and willing to give more of …

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[90-day Timeline] Counting down for all Makro 90 branches to be fully accessible

I did make a count down since I made a field survey days ago. By far, I yet received no contact from them. Nevertheless, all Makro branches, 90 stores, must be fully accessible within 3 months of time, and must be constructed perfectly and correctly by law. If you guys get around some of its branches, you can send us an updated image of them. We will make a constant field survey to update the improvement as well. Constructing correctly, according to the law, is just a minimum requirement. If they can make it beyond the minimum standard, the better. …

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