Saba faces defamation lawsuit (I was put in jail for half a day)

ภาพ ภาคีคนพิการถ่ายภาพรวมกันหน้าศาล ยกนิ้วโป้ง

The plaintiff had filed the suit by themself, there have been three preliminary hearings. The third preliminary hearing, the court decided to send the case on to trial. As the criminal charge rule, I was put in jail for half a day while waiting for the bail process.

On May 30th, the court conducted the evidence examination and plea inquiry. I, the defendant, pleaded not guilty and our lawyer team demanded three witness hearings.

Over thirty people, including related authorities, came to witness the trial.
The schedule for future trials is as follows:
– December 13th for plaintiff’s witness hearing
– December 16th for defendant’s witness hearing

I have always been an active changemaker, particularly calling forth changes on the issues that are at least an issue that directly impact our well-being.

Thailand has some weak laws, It has a gradual impact on all levels of society. As a result, people in the society are required to make their own judgments; their actions are purely dependent on their own consciences, which is sentimental. And everyone is well-aware of Thai society’s status quo, when there are no serious actions taken, problems would hang in the air. I am confident that cooperation from both citizens and government sectors will drive society forward. We are in a fight for any case.


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