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[Survey] UNIQLO Pattanakarn Store

I went to UNIQLO at Pattanakarn so I also take a look at the surrounding. 1. Accessible toilet: The toilet is good, clean and accords to Thai standard but UNIQLO is a Japanese brand and I hope to see Japanese standard. 2. Building Access: It is accessible. I do not usually see the floor on the inside and outside of the building level. This eliminates the concern for ramps. The inside is a flat ground.

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A Little Snail

Today, I went on a run at King Rama IX Park. While I was running, I found a little snail crossing the road. Frankly, judging from its speed, it does not have much chance of crossing this road because of runners and cars. Thus, I use leaves to spoon it to another side of the road. The snail immediately hinds in its shell after I touch it. I think the snail might surprise when realized that it is already on another side of the road.

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