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Heartless insurance

In the situation where people around the world have been fighting with the Coronavirus, people feel insecure. So, they have to find something to insure their life. It might be easy for all of you to do the insurance but not for people with disabilities. I have been hearing about Coronavirus insurance denied people with disabilities to do the insurance for a while but didn’t have a chance to deal with.

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Makro Srinagarindra: Failure to comply with the law of accessibility

I have tried many times to meet with the management team of this branch, as well as handing my business card two years ago. Yet it never comes to actualize. However, one day I stopped by accidentally and figured out to meet with him firsthand. Finally, I succeeded. Due to my estimation, the parking lot of this branch should approximately be around 400 lots.

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The prosecution of Imperial World Sam-rong

The Imperial World Sam-rong shopping mall is adjacent to Sam-rong station, BTS Green Line, having a skywalk connected to the building. Though, connection point is inaccessible due to 3 stair steps. Last year before the rail opening, we already made a field survey and reported some accessibility problems to governmental agency and all related parties. (Link: https://www.accessibilityisfreedom.org/en/meeting-with-dep-of-pwds-regarding-accessible-facilities-on-bts-green-line/) On the meeting day, the mall’s representative appeared to the event, acknowledging and promising to address the problem promptly. One year later, we recently made a field survey again and miserably found that the problem still existed like before. What this mall will be …

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T4A in co-operation with the PWDs associations is suing the Bangkok City Hall for 1,436 ML THB for failed to complete the installation of elevators and accessible facilities at the BTS.

9 May 2018 A group of PWDs activist, Transportation For All (T4A), is gathering with other groups of PWDs networks to proceed prosecuting Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for failure to completely install all BTS elevators and infrastructure. This inability to comply is against the order from the Supreme Court which had issued the mandate previously. The group also claimed that the incidence has terribly costed the estimated damage of 1,436 million Baht.

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PWDs dual class action suits filed, challenging the New York City subway system’s Illegal discrimination against wheelchair users and others

New York City subway there’re still 350 stations in-accessible left totally 80% stations are unusable by people who can’t traverse stairs. And 25 stations got the elevators but recently remain as ‘out of service’

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Face on, the secret walk way…

The secret walk wayFrom the bad news, inspired me to do this video. Everyone got choices on their own wished, but not for PWDs. We got no right to get access to the basic facilities easily, and we have no even right to be ..fear ..of anything. Check out the ‘Face on, the secret walk way… (Video with English closed caption)’

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