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Issues & Problems

“You’re helping us and you get nothing…” the mission to build an accessible city for everyone.

“You’re helping us and you get nothing…” A voice from the Thammasat University law students, year 2016 that I had the opportunity to work with. This is the second time that we are meeting to make an appeal at the Traffic and Transportation Department of Bangkok City (TTD) for the construction of skywalk so that it’s accessible to everyone.

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Accessibility Is Freedom & T4A, has attended in National Strategic Conference, “Accessibility For All Act” (AAA), for sustainable development.

It’s quite weird that although we have laws and regulations regarding with standard of accessible facilities, few of them has successfully happened. Today we attended the conference on behalf of many, as Accessibility Is Freedom whom we provide social contributions to raise the awareness and virtue of public mind, and as T4A whom we have common goals in actualizing an inclusive accessibility on public transportations.

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No Rights No Freedom

    “Basic Civil Rights” Everyone has probably heard this somewhere. This words clearly written in our country’s laws. For people who are healthy one may not pay much attention, they may feel unrelated or may not even feel it and I do really understand all of you. Alright, today let me tell you my little stories.

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Japan Car Parking Fee

Apr 2015 Japan is a big island. The land area is almost 50% less than Thailand. (Thailand=513,114.6sqkm. / Japan:377,835sqkm – Thank you for an information from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org) So then, the land must be using as good as possible. Our country the one who has home and car is “easy & nothing”, but in Japan is not .. Days that we’re living at Tokyo, I saw not much cars and traffic while there are too many on our major cities.

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Japan Banana story

Hello Accessibility Is Freedom Live In Japan / The Untold Story still have a lot of things to talking to. Whenever I got something I will post one by one. Someone might think that I always talking to a good side what about the bad one? Well, I went there to learn and feel their culture, things around. Must say there will be always good and bad things right?. Depend which side you would like to talking to. All my writing about Japan is my first pressure and I’d like you to where the AccessibilityIsFreedom have learn. Alright, we have …

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