Road Safety

“Raised Crosswalk” – the better standard

In the present, there exists various innovations and technology that could slow down vehicles on the street. Nevertheless, I give an emphasis on accident “prevention” before it occurs, to which I would like to refer as “Active Safety.” For this reason, minimum standard requirements have been established as follows: 1. There must always be a speed bump in front of a crosswalk. The speed bump must be able to make the driver experience “bumping” to warn them beforehand.

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Everyone Should Feel Safe in Public Space Across the Country. FIX IT URGENTLY!

ภาพ ซาบะกำลังเข้นรถข้ามถนน แยกอนุสาวรีย์ชัยฯ

Everyone must have equal entitlement to public space. Such a mundane and uninteresting, “It’s not my problem”–you may think. Public space in Thailand should enable everyone to commute easily. This is just not the case, basic infrastructures like walkways, overpasses, public transport, and buildings simply “didn’t consider build for everyone”–this is sad but true.

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One Aspect of Road Safety is ‘Ourselves’

This picture was taken three years ago during my Japan second trip. It was a late afternoon in Kawaguchi and we were heading back to a train station to return to Tokyo. I took this picture from a distance. We can see elementary school students wearing bright yellow hats and with their hands held high as a clear signal to coming vehicles that they want to cross the road.

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A mission in searching for a S-Guard barricade in Japan!!

A barrier preventing motorcycle is also known as S-Guard barricade. It is a novel innovation brought to you by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in an attempt to prevent motorists driving on the sidewalk. This weird thing is increasingly enlarging in scale throughout the city of Bangkok, especially at the major intersections. The point is that I have a strong belief that those authorities, who have the power to initiate this execution, might perhaps derive this idea from Japan where the innovation already existed. It might appear interesting in their eyes. However, it’s just a superficial inspiration and lacks scrutiny on …

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