THE FACES our friends (Saba faces defamation lawsuit)

Since the last of 30th of May – we have many friends joined our forces. Both come to support and come to follow the cases that I have been sued a lot. This is THE FACES for real.

[Networks] – Lawyers: 4
– Friendly Design Foundation and People with disabilities business team: 12
– 1479 hot lines for PWDs and the young talent PWDs students from Mahatai Pattaya: 10
– Legal Department / Disabilities Thailand Organization: 1
– Legal Department / Thailand Association of the Blind: 1
– Representative from the Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities of Thailand: 1
– The Youth for Sustainable Development: 3
– Legal Department & representative from the government agency: 5
– Mr. Teerajchai Phunthumas / Member of the House of Representatives / Move Forward Party: 1
– ThisAble.Me: 2
– KBKL: 4

For the government, political parties and media members, I asked all of them to follow up the case objectively.
See you next time on 13 December (examine the plaintiff’s witnesses) and 16 December (examine the defendant’s witnesses).

We have many network and friends who want to come to follow the case,
BIG Thanks.

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