New World Design : Let’s together design the new World (Inclusive Design / DBTM / TU / 2022)

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16 August 2022
The lecture to incubate empathy and understanding of physical diversity for 80+ of the future young designers, DBTM / Faculty of Architecture and Planning / Thammasat University, Rangsit campus.

This year, we’ve made a little adjustment.
In the morning: All of the students assigned to have an experiment with physical disabilities walked around the campus, doing their ordinary activities.

Later in the afternoon: The lecture session, students from the university’s disability community joined our course. Also, high schoolers from Mater Dei, and Satitpatumwan joined the activity and assisted me throughout the day.
I lowered my speech and did more engagement from the students and more had more experiences sharing from our disabled students.

During my lecture, I talked about problems possible with the current designs: public spaces, roads, the overpasses, public transportation, buildings, and places that are inaccessible. The accessibility issue hinders self dependency of people with disability in Thailand. The Inclusive design is key. These students are my dream to make the change.

The disabled students, great team they shared their experiences and insights into their daily lives. They were actively engaging with each other, which was quite fun!

Thanks to:
– The professors from Inclusive Design/DBTM (Aj. Renato, Aj View, Aj Min), Faculty of Architecture and Planning and Thammasat University.
– The disability center and the disabled students.
– The high schoolers, Sun and Aom from Satitpatumwan school, Eva from Mater Dei school  joined the activity and assisted me throughout the day.
– Khun Ruj, our great photographer who always helped us.

Great team, together we all definitely could make a new world, GOOD JOB!
I will definitely visit again in the future soon!

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