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“You’re helping us and you get nothing…” the mission to build an accessible city for everyone.

“You’re helping us and you get nothing…” A voice from the Thammasat University law students, year 2016 that I had the opportunity to work with. This is the second time that we are meeting to make an appeal at the Traffic and Transportation Department of Bangkok City (TTD) for the construction of skywalk so that it’s accessible to everyone.

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Why our government doesn’t provide fully accessible facilities, “Elevators and Ramps…. These are enough!!”

It is not easy to encourage people with disabilities to step out of their comfort zone and start living-out to the public communities. It is the government’s responsibilities to help them having normal living life and also living equally and in harmony with people in their communities. Some of community’s facilities such as accessible parking lots should be built differently due to extra accessing spaces are needed. If we can choose, people with disabilities would love to share facilities and live peacefully in the community. That’s right, we don’t want to be viewed as aliens in the community. Elevator is one of facilities which …

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No Rights No Freedom

    “Basic Civil Rights” Everyone has probably heard this somewhere. This words clearly written in our country’s laws. For people who are healthy one may not pay much attention, they may feel unrelated or may not even feel it and I do really understand all of you. Alright, today let me tell you my little stories.

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