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In the present, there exists various innovations and technology that could slow down vehicles on the street. Nevertheless, I give an emphasis on accident “prevention” before it occurs, to which I would like to refer as “Active Safety.” For this reason, minimum standard requirements have been established as follows:

1. There must always be a speed bump in front of a crosswalk. The speed bump must be able to make the driver experience “bumping” to warn them beforehand. 2. There must be a flashing speed-limit sign before a speed bump to warn the drivers.
3. The crosswalk must have an adequate space for people to conveniently and safely use it. It must be elevated as high as the footpath’s height and painted with zebra-stripe color.
4. In the middle of a crosswalk, the crosswalk’s texture must be built differently from the others so that blind people could walk in a straight line. (I’m not referring to the guiding block. Although we stand for self-dependent way of living, Thailand still has a long way to go)
5. The crosswalk must be elevated to an appropriate degree for which the cars would decelerate.
6. There must be bollards to prevent cars from sliding at least every corner.
7. There must be a smart pole with an identification number with an emergency button, a system that links the post with a state security agency ( a state security agency is notified without having to give any information. Do not forget to include braille. It would be even better if there’s audio that tells the information), light, and CCTV (detect, inform, and predict the data automatically).
8. Install the ‘FOR ALL’ traffic lights with a button. In case of an intersection, install a time extension button which must be audible for blind people.
9. This crosswalk standard will allow everyone to cross the road with the highest safety and conveniently and should be implemented in all-city area.

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