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Who We Are

My life experiences through the path of suffering, learning, and growing have witnessed the insufficient level of accessibility to the right, opportunity, and equality of people with disabilities in Thailand. These collective experiences have formed a primitive foundation that eventually leads to the establishment of Accessibility Is Freedom.

It occurred long ago until nowadays a life of PWDs remains suffering in a way beyond the imagination of someone. Thai government promised us that “We will leave no man behind” and has provided some fundamental accessible infrastructure. However, the main approach to develop a sustainable life is highly limited especially, the public transportation infrastructure which still found largely inaccessible.

saba-happyOrdinary people also undergo the poor accessibility, but they could finally overcome it. The same is not true for majority of PWDs who are challenged with the limitation of their inferior physical conditions. Thus, it miserably results in only few PWDs who can improve themselves and be able to live in the competitive environment of working life as the others.

Thailand faces difficulty of producing exceptional human resource with a considerate mindset which affects the pace of development of the country. It’s actually among many other problems that prevents sustainability and prosperity of Thailand.

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