Accessibility Is Freedom is founded on the ground of true intention and ambition to live in an inclusive and equitable society.

My whole life experience has witnessed first hand the suffering of inaccessibility—be it poor physically design or inequality of opportunity.

The situation lasts to this day. Although the government has stepped up to subdue the condition, the persons with disabilities in Thailand still have a very difficult lives. Even a daily basic need–the accessibility in travelling—remains highly underdeveloped which limit their freedom and choices to go anywhere. When they’re locked to a certain place, they no longer, and unable, grow their true potentials. Consequently, they lack necessary skills to stand competitive enough in the workforce, and thus are left behind by the mass.

Thailand, like many other nations, has problems in human quality, in particular of public consciousness. It’s one of the prime issues that hold the country backward, and everyone affected by it. I believe that to dismantle this dilemma, it needs everyone’s hands to collectively solve it.