We’re aspiring to redefine Thailand in particular of equality, human rights and public consciousness.

A freedom of individual thoughts is our working culture since we believe that diversity and difference bring more creative improvements. It’s part of our work ethic. I guarantee that all individual ideas and viewpoints are highly respected.

Below are our projects that we’re currently working on, contact me at anytime if you’re interesting on our projects and willing to join us.


Accessibility Is Freedom Active Projects

Accessible Parking Accessibility
The first project initiated since years ago. The prevalent problems are that the priority parking is taken advantage by ineligible people as well as unprofessional management and poor design by the landowner, oppositely what stated clearly by laws. These are kinds of perfunctory behaviours that conflict with basic common sense.

We have intensely associated with the government agencies on policy level. Moreover, we put greatest effort to raise awareness, both domestic and international level, as well as solve the problem at first hand, by intensive fieldwork. So far, we firmly insist having designated priority parking becomes a normal standard throughout the country. However, there are still numbers of places that ignore the actions and have rooms for refinement. It’s our ongoing duty to intensively continue giving guidance and recommendations for the correction.

Public Transportation And City Accessibility
‘NO ACCESS – NO LIFE’, to be able to get full access to the city and public transportation is an essential element to improve quality of life. We have code of practice, stated clearly by laws. However, all types of public transportations in Thailand were built with poor accessibility regardless of everyone and needs huge amount of work to be fixed.

Thailand is now at a critical juncture on hugely upgrading her public transportations all around the country. More than 20 projects of the new public transportation system throughout the country within only the next a few years. This can’t be imagined for the lost when the tourist from around the world visit Thailand and found that the accessible are deliciously poor and after they go back home, they keep telling their family and friends. During the past of years over, we have coordinated and built strong connections with diverse groups of activists, friends, groups of PWDs and those affected toward the common goal of creating true accessibility on public transportation for everyone.

Public-mind building awareness
Raising awareness and public-mind is a foundation in gaining crystallisation from the mass, hopefully, would turn to be problem solvers. Our grand mission is to increase this numbers of good sense people. The more people realised, the less problem we fix. There should be no fighting if everyone respects and realises the equality. These people collectively would play a significant part to lead our country forward in a constructive and peaceful way.