Footpath Problems

[Bangkok Footpath Review] Accessible, Safe, and High Standard!

ภาพ ซาบะอยู่บนทางเท้า มีรถมอเตอร์ไซด์อยู่ใกล้ๆ

June 4, 2023 The Yellow Line BTS (Skytrain) has started its operation. I saw locals trying it out and having fun, so I decided to give it a try as well. However, I know what I’d like to see. I didn’t have much time, so I couldn’t explore the footpath below Hua Mak Station extensively. Based on my observation, “We have excellent footpaths that are convenient, safe, and of high standards!” — #BangkokActNOW

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Khu Khot BTS Station Survey – Thailand Tomorrow the series)

ภาพ พี่ซาบะกำลังเข็นรถลงทางลาด ไอซ์กำลังถ่ายคลิ๊ป

Because we want our city to change. In order to do so, we must identify the problem first. [Saba] led [Ice+Book+Rew] to explore the new train station to let them see by their own eyes. The new generation will take care of our society in the future. Let’s listen to them. SabaLive / Thailand Tomorrow – the series

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‘The S-Guard’, tools for blocking the motorcycle, another prison that locks down people with disabilities.

Jern-jern is a young PWD with muscular weakness (ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Still fresh from university, she has been working for 2 years. Her office is at Ratchada (read as Rat-cha-da) area, adjacent to her place in about 300-meter wheeling distance. Along the way on sidewalk, she has to encounter with a shit called ‘S-Guard’. It’s a traffic-calming invention built to prevent motorists driving on sidewalk. The S-Guard  can’t do the job, preventing motorists but blocking Jern-jern. She has no choice but to get down on the road and find her own way out. And we all know that …

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A mission in searching for a S-Guard barricade in Japan!!

A barrier preventing motorcycle is also known as S-Guard barricade. It is a novel innovation brought to you by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in an attempt to prevent motorists driving on the sidewalk. This weird thing is increasingly enlarging in scale throughout the city of Bangkok, especially at the major intersections. The point is that I have a strong belief that those authorities, who have the power to initiate this execution, might perhaps derive this idea from Japan where the innovation already existed. It might appear interesting in their eyes. However, it’s just a superficial inspiration and lacks scrutiny on …

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The moment that Saba confront with the motorcycle on the sidewalk and the rider was…

There is a rule of thumb on the use of sidewalk and the Governor of Bangkok is trying to implement the law enforcement toward those wrongdoers. The misuse of sidewalk has become a hazardous social problem as we can always see from the mainstream and in real life such as riding a motorcycle on the sidewalk. Seen from higher perspective, this selfish and undisciplined behavior of the driver reflects a problematic system, not just individual level.

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UPDATE! We’d officially informed the Governor of Bangkok and his team to delay a “S-Guard Project”.

S Guard The project will install a new barrier designed purposely to prevent motorcycle driver to proceed on the pedestrian’s footpath, while pedestrian still can be able to pass the barrier. I added my opinion that they’re not solving this problem at the roots, but the consequences. Even if the barrier has successfully been installed, motorcycle drivers still could find another way to drive on the footpath, or even disassemble it. Which would be a seriously criminal offence case.

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