Rail System

Too High and Too Wide (Yellow Line)

ภาพ ความสูงและห่างระหว่าพื้นสถานีและตู้โดยสาร

“Please mind the gap between the train and the platform” While traveling, we will hear an announcement every time. The gap can cause accidents, so the system has to make frequent announcements. Most people just need to be cautious and comfortably step over the gap. However, users with mobility issues, especially wheelchairs users, have to request and wait for assistance. Why is there a gap? 1. The train carriages have a lower section and when the train is in motion, the carriages sway like the cars we drive every day. 2. As the train enters the station, to prevent the …

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NLA and the Disabilities Networks visited the Chiang Rai railway station on the Double-track Rail Line project of the Den Chai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong route

ภาพ ถ่ายร่วมกันที่หน้าอาคาร ทุกคนยกนิ้วโป้ง

February 23, 2023 As representatives of T4A, we had the opportunity to join the Social and Enterprise Development Commission for Children, Youth, Women, the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities, and the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), with Mr. Monthian Buntan as the chairman, to follow up on the development projects in Chiang Rai province.

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Bang Sue Railway Station Survey

27 Sep 2022 As far as I remember, I was here once since I was 17 years old. My second visit is different, I’d like to see the accessibility and safety. Information I have, the station is likely to be retired and use a new Bang Sue Grand Station. With the young designer team, I’d like to show them at old one, very old styles, and new one and this is a short review

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Water Leak, Red Line

ภาพ ชานชาลาสถานี

August 28, 2022 I went to several stations and found that the floor of the ticketing floor had dripping water. There are traces of moisture. There were stains all over the place. on the platform floor have been informed that because the roof is open (to ventilate (supports oil-powered trains) The drainage system is expected to be inadequate. and know that the construction team is trying to fix it.  

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Quality of flooring at Bang Sue Grand Station

Our the last visit since last month, let’s look at the quality of work, the quality of flooring. If we hired someone to build a house and the house hasn’t been delivered yet, but we find that the quality of the construction is like this, what do we do? What I felt most clearly is really “embarrassed” and the new generation are watching us. This does not include the mottled interior floor, some of the roof were found to be swollen and peeled. Issues on Bang Sue Grand Station https://www.accessibilityisfreedom.org/tag/สถานีกลางบางซื่อ/

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