REVIEW: A Slopeway in front of Silom Complex

ภาพ ทางลาด หน้าอาคารสีลมคอมเพล็กซ์

  From my perspective as a real user and customer, I would like to give you focus review. 1) The slope degree is definitely not correct. It doesn’t the the legitimate law (1:12). 2) The length, highly likely, less than 6 meters. (fit on the accessible law? – need to be onsite) 3) The surface material is slippery which easily leads to an accident. (doesn’t the the legitimate law)

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[REVIEW] Silom Complex’s Building Access

Located in the heart of Silom, a prime financial district of Bangkok, Silom Complex (a branch of the Central Group) has been here for 29 years, providing world-class offerings. Yet, I can’t enjoy that world-class things because I simply can’t get there. The easiest way to access Silom Complex is via BTS link which is directly connected from BTS Sala Daeng Station. But this link is built as “staircase” as I’ll elaborate soon.

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Khu Khot BTS Station Survey – Thailand Tomorrow the series)

ภาพ พี่ซาบะกำลังเข็นรถลงทางลาด ไอซ์กำลังถ่ายคลิ๊ป

Because we want our city to change. In order to do so, we must identify the problem first. [Saba] led [Ice+Book+Rew] to explore the new train station to let them see by their own eyes. The new generation will take care of our society in the future. Let’s listen to them. SabaLive / Thailand Tomorrow – the series

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I’m living in prison

Thai laws and regulations are actually great, yet its enforcement to make it into practice is still highly ‘unsatisfied’. Most buildings, if not all, are built in disregard to the inclusive accessibility ‘for everyone’. They include residential buildings like condo and rental apartment, office buildings, and almost every place in our daily life.

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