Person with disabilities in Thailand still have to wheel on the road everyday

Just a few days ago, there was news about a wheelchair user killed in car crash while hauling his wheelchair on the street.
I would like to discuss this incident from my experience.

What is the cause?
Obviously, the unaccommodating sidewalk leaves wheelchair users with no choice but to continue their way on the street.

Why are sidewalks ‘unaccommodating’?
Violations of sidewalk usage occur routinely in Thailand: motorcycles commute on footpaths, there are pole barriers, street food stalls, and other activities that are not supposed to take place on footpaths.

Overview of sidewalks in Thailand:
Although there is progress on the fixation of footpaths in inner Bangkok, the footpath’s conditions and connections are not perfectly in place. Consequently, wheelchair users could not safely and conveniently commute on sidewalks. People on two legs could still tolerate them; for example, the worst thing that could happen is probably an ankle sprain. However, wheelchair users are forced to go down the street. The footpaths around outer Bangkok, on the other hand, are hardly functional.

In other provinces, although I have not been to every single one of them, based on my past expeditions, it is rare to find footpaths that allow everyone to commute safely and comfortably.

1. Local and national policies should be declared and implemented seriously
2. Start hiring private corporations if there is a lack of staff or when the task exceeds the government agency’s capability.
3. There should be a tracking and reporting system just like how COVID-19 was managed.
4. Enhance the accessibility of the city by prioritizing the fixation of hospitals, educational institutions, tourist attractions, businesses, etc.

Diversity exists in every society. We agree that laws and regulations will maintain peace in society.

These issues are social issues that are already explicitly controlled by laws.
I have always said this and will repeat this once again. I emphasize the importance of the government agencies that are in charge of policies and continuous laws implementation.

Doctor Kratai had died in a traffic accident and then Mr. Rod, a lottery seller.

The clock is ticking. Everybody is capable of self-development. Yet, people with disabilities are left behind– excuses are that the issues are case-by-case and specific.

We cannot go back in time. However, we must learn from past mistakes to earnestly develop our society.

– A voice from a wheelchair user who always hauls a wheelchair on the street –

The next victim could be us.


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