Accessible Restroom

[Survey] Accessible Restrooms / Makro Nong Bua Lam Phu

ภาพ หน้าห้องน้ำ

April 9th, 2023 Four years ago, we recommended improvements to the basic accessible facilities to the management team of Siam Makro, and since then, All Makro in Thailand have significant improved. During the Songkran holiday, I’m back to my home country in Nong Bua Lam Phu Province and I had the opportunity to check up the accessible restroom. Overall, the facilities are good. The large restroom signs are visible from the distant, going in and out the room is good. The sliding doors are wide and easy, and the lighting is adequate. Additionally, the exhaust fans are effective. However, we …

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Khu Khot BTS Station Survey – Thailand Tomorrow the series)

ภาพ พี่ซาบะกำลังเข็นรถลงทางลาด ไอซ์กำลังถ่ายคลิ๊ป

Because we want our city to change. In order to do so, we must identify the problem first. [Saba] led [Ice+Book+Rew] to explore the new train station to let them see by their own eyes. The new generation will take care of our society in the future. Let’s listen to them. SabaLive / Thailand Tomorrow – the series

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‘Thailand Common Restroom Standard’ Basic facilities must be at the highest standard and we can’t bear with it.

I got this photo from my friend who helps push the development of Thailand accessible facilities and he said that this restroom is “Perfect”. And I knew that as we’re all seeing the accessible restroom common standard as on picture shows, he meant to make a joke. After I saw the photo, I quickly responded his msg that “It’s not good enough”. So, I have to marked up the blind spots, all comments are from definitely from Thailand accessible law, also from my experiences:

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[Restroom Test] at MRT Rama 9 Station

13 August 2020 I did a restroom test at MRT Rama 9 subway station, and found some concerns that I had to address to the general public as the followings: 1. The accessible restroom has only 1 unit while the typical restroom has so many. 2. The typical restroom is easy to get access, people just walk into it. 3. Previously, the accessible restroom is often misused by ineligible people. So now it’s always locked, making the most affected person belongs to the PWDs. 4. PWDs is like everyone. They are human with flesh and blood, and must poo when …

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My assessment over a brand-new accessible toilet at a 5-star hotel at Langsuan area, Bangkok.🙄🙄🙄

From the previous post, I asked what you think about this new accessible toilet shown on the image. I was astonished by the seas of opinions fluxing into the comments. This included those key people in fields of design and architecture who messaged me directly and exchanged interesting insights. Thank you everyone.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Now I’d like to share my thought that might contradict many people’s impression. At first sight they might perceive “WOW this toilet is great, so accessible and is good-looking!”. But well, as a man in this profession I can point out many obvious flaws. Before we get into …

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[POLL] An accessible toilet at a brand-new luxury boutique hotel at Langsuan

Our friend sent us this image, shot at a brand-new luxury boutique hotel at Langsuan area of Bangkok, showing a brand-new accessible toilet with nice decor and he said… “Wow, this is great. What a lovely toilet. Everyone in need can use it. Thank you hotel!” This might be the first reaction from many of you. The toilet is great, and nothing is wrong with that. Yet from my point of view as a PWDs, a real user, I’m afraid to say that this good-looking toilet still holds some “serious flaws” that could prevent entirely those in need from using …

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A field survey on accessible parking and facilities at Makro, South Pattaya (With Video clip)

This wasn’t quite a silent move. I got some works to do in Pattaya, so in spare time I managed to visit and investigate the accessible parking and facilities at Makro, South Pattaya branch. A great location with huge space and wonderful ambiance. The accessible parking consists of 3 slots: beautifully and correctly built with constant surveillance by the authorities.

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Makro join #THEONE team and upgrading its accessible facilities for more inclusive, safety, and cleanliness.

25th of June, I went to participate in a meeting with the management team of Makro (Siam Makro). My role in this context acted like an advisor building understanding, providing information, and suggesting related issues as a whole.   My guideline was to widen the perspective to include all groups of people, not just for PWDs, to provide equality and to all so that everyone is happy.   We wish that they will set a new standard for construction and make proper service management after work. We’re pleased to be part of the team and willing to give more of …

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