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T4A’s train station accessibility at Bangkok Purple Line MRT, Nonthaburi 1 Station with the Ministry of Transport’ advisor.

MRT Purple Line is one of the problematic metro train systems and ‘Station access level quite low’ because the station size is very large and with the method of ‘One elevator per side’ and since the road physical is very width also cars runs very fast (6 lanes on each side), people generally cross the road using a overpass only.

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The Disabilities Thailand, Transportation For All (T4A) and Accessibility Is Freedom attended a meeting with Department of Rail Transport (DRT) in regard to the solution of inclusive accessibility.

The meeting altogether was our very first time. It’s good to get to know each other. We did inform everyone of a big picture in regard to the ongoing accessibility problems. The Director, Deputy Director, and all members of the DRT were such a group of active guys. Everyone actively participated during the discussion, provided informative insight, and showed a willingness to solve the problems accordingly to the regulations and inclusiveness. This integral meeting with several parties was far from surprising. Our groups of PWDs have always engaged with the government. The DRT’s current team was indeed the former team …

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Participating in a meeting to address the importance of public transportation for all

The Accessibility Is Freedom and Transportation for All (T4A) have been encouraging to bring up the issue of public transport for all to the spotlight. Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity to have the first meeting with the Department of Rail Transport in order to highlight the issues. It’s a general first meeting in an attempt to share insights and information. The participants in the meeting consist of diverse people from various groups including contractor, rail service provider, PWDs representative, and many related parties. From a holistic point of view, this is a good starting point.

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