NLA and the Disabilities Networks visited the Chiang Rai railway station on the Double-track Rail Line project of the Den Chai – Chiang Rai – Chiang Khong route

ภาพ ถ่ายร่วมกันที่หน้าอาคาร ทุกคนยกนิ้วโป้ง

February 23, 2023

As representatives of T4A, we had the opportunity to join the Social and Enterprise Development Commission for Children, Youth, Women, the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities, and the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), with Mr. Monthian Buntan as the chairman, to follow up on the development projects in Chiang Rai province.

One of the important places we visited was the construction site of the dual-track railway project at the Chiang Rai station.

Currently, the station is starting to take shape and some parts of the roads are already in good condition. According to the preliminary outline, the construction of this project will take 4 years. We will see lots of progress made when the project is about halfway through.

I would like to commend the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) crew for presenting information that is straightforward and easy to understand, even for non-engineering groups. Most importantly, the basic facilities information we provided has been used to the fullest extent—at least 98% of the information was utilized!

Moreover, we received feedback that the contractor was pleased and very happy with the clear specifications set since the design phase. If everything goes according to the plan, problems are expected to be minimal, and I am confident that the SRT will have established a new standard for train travel throughout Thailand.

The SRT, NLA, T4A, Accessibility Is Freedom and people with disabilities networks, and the UD Foundation are ready to coordinate and follow closely on the construction work. Collaboration between the government sector, private sector, and persons with disability is key to the sustainable development of our city.

I slept well and had sweet dreams. I smiled all night and into the morning!

Credit to the RFT and NLA team for the photos.

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