T4A’s train station accessibility at Bangkok Purple Line MRT, Nonthaburi 1 Station with the Ministry of Transport’ advisor.

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MRT Purple Line is one of the problematic metro train systems and ‘Station access level quite low’ because the station size is very large and with the method of ‘One elevator per side’ and since the road physical is very width also cars runs very fast (6 lanes on each side), people generally cross the road using a overpass only.

With the new cabinet, we invite the Minister of Transport, and he assigned the advisor Mr. Wi-rach Phim-pha-nit to join us. Since he has not much information, we, as representatives of PWDs network pick up a Nonthaburi 1 station as a sample station to present problems.

This station, aside from having the physical information mentioned above is also a station built above the junction as well causing all 4 entrances to be separated. As a result, this station only partially accessible.

And this station also installed the ‘Stair Lift’ as a replacement for the actual lift.
This type of thing is not suitable for use in public transport, only for certain people and has a high risk of accidents. And most importantly, we opposed the installation of this type of equipment from the beginning.

Before we present the information, some of us came off the road below and had a chance to try the Stair lift.
I was shocked to hear that the system uses a backup battery power (prepared for emergency power outages only) instead of using the 220V, causing the battery to run out while Su-porn-tham was using the Stair Lift, so it stops and remains stuck as in the picture below.

This type of device we saw to be used in Japan also many countries, later on they knew that it was encountering inconvenience and danger. Some countries had an accident, the PWDs fall down and died. We saw some other countries was using this kind of equipment, without having to study in-depth information, we brought into Thailand as well.

According to the value and usability perspective, there is almost no difference with the real elevator, in terms of long-term use, not very worth it.

We presented the skywalk / overpass / slope with stair to the various buildings around the station.
The consultants and officials of the Ministry have been very well informed and clearly understand the problems.

We are most concerned about are the new systems being built. To prevent problems before they occur, on the 2nd of next month we made an urgent meeting again at MRTA. In order to take the construction plan for every station to see, Deputy Governor MRTA is the host. He is always pleased and he is kind to us. We’ve always worked together.

This is the nation wide problem, we will work together. We will definitely do not leave anyone be hide.

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