Bang Sue Railway Station Survey

27 Sep 2022

As far as I remember, I was here once since I was 17 years old.
My second visit is different, I’d like to see the accessibility and safety.

Information I have, the station is likely to be retired and use a new Bang Sue Grand Station.
With the young designer team, I’d like to show them at old one, very old styles, and new one and this is a short review

1. The connectivity
– From MRT Bang Sue:
From the underground, people walk up the stairs easily, there is an entrance/exit nearby. Cross the road and walk a few steps then you will be arrived at the station.

For people who use wheelchairs like me, have to go out of the another gate where he had a elevator. Ride on the on the road as we always have been doing, there are crosswalks but no ramp.

– From Bang Sue Grand Station: there is a temporarily walkway with stairs made for pedestrians. It is dangerous, take your own risk.

2. Station Accessibility
None, do not ask for it. Well I saw a few slope but they’re disconnected, three part of platforms. The best I can is just sitting down and look around.

3. Go Up and Down the train
All SRT train I can’t use it as always.

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