The Overpass and Elevator are coming! (SRT’s double track train)

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Since we have been working on this issue, we have been raising messages out loud, management is very concerned and finally have met to talk.
October 3, 2022, to me, this is another historic day, where a workman together talk.
Here’s a summary.

[The Overpass and Elevator] Medium and large stations “There will definitely be an overpass and an elevator.”
Small stations will be considered so that people can cross the platform safely, for example: a underpass would be made. And the positioned will be around 20 meters from the center of the station.

The 3 stations we have done surveyed: Suan Son, Khao Tao and Wang Phong would be the first priority.
Other stations will clearly plan and when elevators and overpasses were being built the on rail-crossing will be made for the necessary services.

[We will work as a team] To ensure the infrastructure in all systems such as double-track railways system, the high-speed trains, etc., I will be a representative to work closely together with SRT to support promote equality so that everyone can travel equally and safely.

I’m going to meet the SRT Governor soon.
I would like to thank Khun Sawit, an advisor to SRUT and Deputy Governor of SRT – Khun Jarae for his kindness to have talk session finally happened.

Government agencies and the public sector work together. is the way to get problems solved, this is the way.
Promise that we will have good news continuously day by day.

Thanks to the People’s Network and team of consultants, organizations and networks of all persons with disabilities.

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