A Little Snail

ภาพ ตัวทากเล็กๆ กำลังเดินข้ามถนน

Today, I went on a run at King Rama IX Park. While I was running, I found a little snail crossing the road. Frankly, judging from its speed, it does not have much chance of crossing this road because of runners and cars. Thus, I use leaves to spoon it to another side of the road. The snail immediately hinds in its shell after I touch it. I think the snail might surprise when realized that it is already on another side of the road.

This story tells us that there are a ton of problems in our lives. It is up to us how we are going to respond to them. How many people are actually stepping up and taking the action? JUST DO IT NOW! I am one of those people who do not let problems pass without doing anything.

ภาพ ตัวทากเล็กๆ กำลังเดินข้ามถนน


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