Auntie with Knee Pain, Unable to Take Overpass, Cross the Street and Get Ran Over By Car.

ภาพ ขณะเกิดอุบัติเหตุ ใต้สะพานลอย

Seeing these kinds of news again and again, what you feel about this?
People who use the overpass are only the ones with a healthy body. However, you can not be certain that your body will be capable of taking overpass in the future.Overpass which cannot be used by a wheelchair is an infrastructure that does not consider equality.
We should not forget that tomorrow you may not be able to take the overpass.

I have attended the meeting for landscape development of pavements and crosswalks in Ratchada. I told them to do something challenging, which is to remove the overpasses and make sidewalks, roads, crosswalks and surrounded area safer for everyone.
Problems of underdeveloped infrastructures continue to affect everyone both directly and indirectly. Next victim might be one of your friends or family.
What do you think? Do not forget to raise this awareness and help fix these problems.

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