Interview: On the use of Elevator and Employment of Persons with Disabilities (ThaiPBS Evening News 16 July 2023)

ภาพ ผู้สื่อข่าวกำลังนั่งสัมภาษย์ซาบะ

My extend writing belong to an interview was brief and possibly incomplete speak: Elevator usage: Considering relevant laws and the intended purpose, it can be interpreted as “reserved for those in need” and should be respected. However, from the perspective of persons with disabilities, it is all about “Inclusive Living” and utilizing various facilities.

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Improper Parking

ภาพ รถจอดทับเส้นข้างที่จอดรถคนพิการ

Yesterday, I couldn’t open the car door. I notified the security officer to call up the owner to move the car. He tried to ask the officer why they had to move, I show him that I was sitting in a wheelchair, and he had parked over the line. He was kind enough to apologize and move the car. This is a long-standing issue related to the lack of order in Thai society, particularly regarding parking habits.

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All Cleared – Violation of the Accessible Parking Area at Tesco Lotus Rama 3

At Tesco Lotus Rama 3 where the accessible parking space was incorrectly used as a rental area for retail purposes, we decided to start a discussion on our page and within less than 30 minutes, a person who was using the accessible parking space called me to apologize, and said that he would move his car ‘immediately’ out. After that, he also took a picture and sent it to me as a confirmation. Later on, the manager of the rental department at Tesco Lotus Rama 3 called me and I insisted firmly that the area needed to be strictly managed.

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Roi-Et Provincial Employment Office: Help me to free up the accessible parking, please

Throughout the situation of Covid-19, security forces are the only group of people that is authorized to enter the area under 2 hours. However, in the area, there are no disabled people at all. Nonetheless, we are looking for the keepers of a white car. If you are the owner of this car please do contact us. As for the person who parks over the area, please notify them as following:

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“STOP” Accessible Parking Rights Violation

The accessible parking is one of the basic rights that is frequently violated by normal people. It also can indicate the quality of life of the PWDs in the particular society. Everyone should be reminded of the social consciousness and responsibility as they reside in the society. A lack of it is the root cause of so many social problems, as we’ve seen.

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A Feedback Letter from Lactasoy has been arrived! Thank You!

We previously issued an open letter to Lactasoy in regard to the misuse of priority parking by one of its driver. And in just a matter of hours, Lactasoy promptly replied us with a very clear and precise argument. I have attached the file so you can review it. In a nutshell it states that “On behalf of the company, the incident is utterly unacceptable and is considered a serious lack of responsibility, conducted by a personal judgment. The company has examined the involved driver and decided to make a punishment, and put the driver on probation. Nevertheless, the company …

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