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Andrew Biggs meets a wheelchair warrior who is relentless in his crusade to get justice for disabled people (Brunch Magazine, BangkokPost)

Got and opportunity to talk about the active projects that we’re currently working on. The magazine was published since 10 Sep 2017. Thanks to Andrew Biggs and BangkokPost for having us a change to speak and support us as always.

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PWDs dual class action suits filed, challenging the New York City subway system’s Illegal discrimination against wheelchair users and others

New York City subway there’re still 350 stations in-accessible left totally 80% stations are unusable by people who can’t traverse stairs. And 25 stations got the elevators but recently remain as ‘out of service’

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Fortune Town has already installed elevator at the front of the mall enabled PWDs to get easier access to the metro train!!!

Fortune Town I have to say that disable lift is essentially an useful accessible facility that I have been waiting for long time for it to be installed here. Previously, when people with special needs want to get access to the connected MRT subway, they must take a very detour to pass on a slope in order to get to it. Approximately, the total distance is about 300 meters which is greatly far, totally uncomfortable, and time-consuming, especially if you are on a wheelchair. However, recently, I heard the news that it has been done completely. So I didn’t waste …

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Accessibility Is Freedom & T4A, has attended in National Strategic Conference, “Accessibility For All Act” (AAA), for sustainable development.

It’s quite weird that although we have laws and regulations regarding with standard of accessible facilities, few of them has successfully happened. Today we attended the conference on behalf of many, as Accessibility Is Freedom whom we provide social contributions to raise the awareness and virtue of public mind, and as T4A whom we have common goals in actualizing an inclusive accessibility on public transportations.

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Mission completed, guided my new friends tried out Bangkok Metro Trains

Strong Network is what I’m always paying attention for, specially friends from oversea. Some of their member are interesting and working on the accessibility since so long. They wanted to try out our Bangkok Train system, yes we’re on the same page. But it was not easy for a group of my new friends from Singapore to try out by them self. So I volunteered on the last day to send them back, travelling from Siam area to the Su-varn-na-phu-mi International Airport. We could also save some money too.

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Update ‘The Sharity Project’ for the first year

SharityOne of the most proud achievements was various vital contributions to help supporting those who were disadvantaged. The above image was captured during the end of the last year in which I had a chance to give a special lecture at The Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities, in Pattaya. Two of them as on the left most and the right most are the boys that I pulled them out from their home.

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