Mission completed, guided my new friends tried out Bangkok Metro Trains

SG Train Test-3837


is what I’m always paying attention for, specially friends from oversea.
Some of their member are interesting and working on the accessibility since so long.
They wanted to try out our Bangkok Train system, yes we’re on the same page.
But it was not easy for a group of my new friends from Singapore to try out by them self.
So I volunteered on the last day to send them back, travelling from Siam area to the Su-varn-na-phu-mi International Airport.
We could also save some money too.

We tested for all our metro train systems including BTS, MRT and ARL and it was fun.

If you all remember, I went to Singapore a few months back.
So we are both got information to compare side by side that I’ll cover for it later.

Thanks to Khun Su-porn-tum who always open up an opportunities opening up the new window.
Strong network, we shout loader all around the world

Thanks to friends from Singapore especially Judy and we will surely meet again.

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SG Train Test-3856

SG Train Test-4056

SG Train Test-4100

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