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Update ‘The Sharity Project’ for the first year

SharityOne of the most proud achievements was various vital contributions to help supporting those who were disadvantaged.
The above image was captured during the end of the last year in which I had a chance to give a special lecture at The Redemptorist Vocational School for People with Disabilities, in Pattaya. Two of them as on the left most and the right most are the boys that I pulled them out from their home.

Kung (No.1)
My first charity project was greatly inspired by this young man.
He got an accident that lead him to paralysis and affected his whole lower body, just like me.
He came around and we had talking back and forth on AccessibilityIsFreedom Facebook Page.
Then I acknowledged that the incident truly had a negative impact that discouraged him to turn back from the outside world.
He desperately felt hopeless. Thus, he never stepped out of his home for eight years.
His desperate story also destroyed my will to inspire a kind of people like him.
I couldn’t stand this anymore so I arranged a meeting with him. (See the attached video.)

Moo-Ham (No.6)
I quite had a flow of fan page’s followers in numbers around the world.
Even my x teacher got to be one of them and, thankfully, was one of my trusted advisers.
Moo-Ham was my teacher’s grandson. My x teacher told me that Moo-Ham has long been staying just in his home.
He used to go to study but was unsuccessful.
My x teacher was very afraid of him so he made a direct call to me and asked me what I could be helpful of.
A second was too wasted to be waited, so I rushed immediately to get to Moo-Ham to have a talk.

Both Moo-Ham and Kung, I had a strongly talk to them once.
I confided the truth that there was no way to escape, sooner or later you guys were going to truly depend on their own as well as take care their parents.
Being cared by someone else was just a temporary situation, one day you had to take care someone else.
And I told them that they had hidden potentials and could be better and greater than they might think.
(No.7 and 8 are Moo-Ham’s parents)

On last Saturday, I went to give a special lecture again and had some talk with everybody.
Good news was that their study performances were getting better.
It’s positively a small proof that if they’re willing to achieve something.
With ambition and hard working there was no ways could prevent their accomplishments.
I hoped that they’re going to graduate successfully and had a bright future so that they could take care not only themselves, but also their parents as well as society.

However, the project will never be succeeded without these key persons who involved on.
Their families, the Redemptorist Vocational School for Disabled, Pattaya and our strong friends.

Accessibility Is Freedom

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