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Interview: On the use of Elevator and Employment of Persons with Disabilities (ThaiPBS Evening News 16 July 2023)

ภาพ ผู้สื่อข่าวกำลังนั่งสัมภาษย์ซาบะ

My extend writing belong to an interview was brief and possibly incomplete speak: Elevator usage: Considering relevant laws and the intended purpose, it can be interpreted as “reserved for those in need” and should be respected. However, from the perspective of persons with disabilities, it is all about “Inclusive Living” and utilizing various facilities.

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ThaiPBS be the one, be the power of change!

Yesterday, went out with ThaiPBS team for the social society and accessible facilities update how good for the current government have been done. I would like to thank Preen, those fellow correspondents, photographers, and the news team for having me and for giving the opportunity to share our voice. Things would be better and problems would be solved when we are the one driving Thailand to be changed. BE THE ONE, BE THE POWER OF CHANGED! THANKS.

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Our job is to speak loudly, and most importantly to ‘Speak the Truth’

Yesterday, we had a chance to show those international reporters both the MRT and BTS stations. I started our conversations with “I am concerned about Thailand’s big picture” and gave a scenario “Mr. Sam who is in a wheelchair and came to Thailand and faced several inconveniences due to the lack of facilities for disabled people. What impressions would he convey back home, about Thailand?” We started our journey from Su-wan-na-phum Thailand International Airport by taking the ARL, then the MRT and finished the journey at A-sok Train Station which is in Bangkok’s Central Business District.

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Andrew Biggs meets a wheelchair warrior who is relentless in his crusade to get justice for disabled people (Brunch Magazine, BangkokPost)

Got and opportunity to talk about the active projects that we’re currently working on. The magazine was published since 10 Sep 2017. Thanks to Andrew Biggs and BangkokPost for having us a change to speak and support us as always.

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My appreciation to all of news & medias, let’s go for the next move for our better society

I’m the activist have been working for years and years, our complex social problems need variety of solutions and wide range of group of talented people to deal with. Telling its facts and providing information to the vast scale of society are absolutely crucial elements. I would like take this opportunity to thank you all of you guys for all your sacrificed efforts, trustworthiness, and great coordination throughout the incredible times. We will strongly move forward for our better society altogether. Thank you! /Saba AccessibilityIsFreedom

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We’re not doing for only PWDs but for everyone…(PostToday)

I said on the PostToday interviewed: “Our law has clear defined, people are all equal, we are all the same, we are human. You will definitely be the people with disabilities in the future.” Thanks to PostToday Ref  to this link: (In Thai)    

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