2 years passed by, Kung is a new man!


“If I don’t see you,
there would be another years…”

This is what I heard from him since on the first day we met.
From the one who stay at home, never been to the outside much and always wait for his mom to help.

Two years passed by, he is now strong like a new man.
Graduated and got a job, more than that
he is now is the main one who helping his family, this is every well indeed.

I wished, he will be stronger and stronger, continue to go on with his dream.
And be the one of the power to develop our country.

Video below was 2 years a go, for remembering on the first day since we met.

Please remember:

Our society will be much more beautiful,
if the stronger one giving hands helping the others while having a change
and remember ‘a change’ – everyone I make it up every time and every day.
Someday you may need to ask for help.

Thanks to our network who have worked with us, always.
Accessibility Is Freedom

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