All Cleared – Violation of the Accessible Parking Area at Tesco Lotus Rama 3

ภาพ ที่จอดรถคนพิการ ถูกเคลียร์โล่งเชียว

At Tesco Lotus Rama 3 where the accessible parking space was incorrectly used as a rental area for retail purposes, we decided to start a discussion on our page and within less than 30 minutes, a person who was using the accessible parking space called me to apologize, and said that he would move his car ‘immediately’ out. After that, he also took a picture and sent it to me as a confirmation. Later on, the manager of the rental department at Tesco Lotus Rama 3 called me and I insisted firmly that the area needed to be strictly managed.

At the same time, I contacted the admin of the official Tesco Lotus online platform and asked to ‘talk to the chief executive because Tesco Lotus neglected to maintain the accessible parking space in Thailand’.

We were able to work and solve this problem so fast. After this, I will take off our first post.
Thanks to everyone for helping to take care of our society!

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