Interview: On the use of Elevator and Employment of Persons with Disabilities (ThaiPBS Evening News 16 July 2023)

ภาพ ผู้สื่อข่าวกำลังนั่งสัมภาษย์ซาบะ

My extend writing belong to an interview was brief and possibly incomplete speak:

Elevator usage:
Considering relevant laws and the intended purpose, it can be interpreted as “reserved for those in need” and should be respected. However, from the perspective of persons with disabilities, it is all about “Inclusive Living” and utilizing various facilities.
Two essential reserved conveniences are parking spaces and restrooms. Due to physical limitations, without adequate parking spaces, we cannot enter or exit vehicles, and without accessible restrooms, we cannot use them.

As for shared spaces such as elevators, the seat, or wheelchair-accessible areas on public transport, we refer to them as “priority spaces” or “priority seats.” If not in use by the one who needed, anyone can utilize them to maximize benefits. However, when a person with disabilities or someone in need is present, they should be given priority and others should adjust.
This is not just about “accommodating” but about ensuring rights and adhering to societal guidelines (sympathy and empathy are for those stronger or more capable).

Different societies and cultures face different issues. Thai society is undoubtedly charming, beautiful, and sharing, but we still have progress to make. Everyday rights violations occur, as we often witness.

While we lack clear regulations, laws, or explicit declarations, we can interpret them based on the spirit of the law. Continuously and earnestly campaigning is crucial to raise awareness in society.

Employment of persons with disabilities:
Physical capabilities can always change, so we need strong convictions:
1. Everyone can develop.
2. Provide opportunities.
When these two points are fulfilled, other issues are no longer problems.
The most urgent task is to address transportation issues and provide swift solutions for access to buildings, facilities, and public spaces. When everyone can travel, it means that individuals with physical limitations can commute like others, granting them opportunities for personal development.

Employment projects are already positive policies. As for various issues that arise, such as lack of transparency, they must be addressed.

– Law 1,2 และ 3,4กฏหมายและข้อมูลอ้างอิง/

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