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“STOP” Accessible Parking Rights Violation

The accessible parking is one of the basic rights that is frequently violated by normal people. It also can indicate the quality of life of the PWDs in the particular society.

Everyone should be reminded of the social consciousness and responsibility as they reside in the society. A lack of it is the root cause of so many social problems, as we’ve seen.

You might want to consider this comparison between the followings: (1) A person who commit violence with an attempt to bring a problem to the table, and further resolve it. Or, (2) A person who harms Thai society, making everything worse-off, and thus deteriorates the country in overall.

Our society is too messy. How long would you let this kind of incidence prevails in your beloved Thai society?
No more ‘a neglected Thai.’ If you agree with my point, please help share this to let others know!

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