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I’m living in prison

Thai laws and regulations are actually great, yet its enforcement to make it into practice is still highly ‘unsatisfied’. Most buildings, if not all, are built in disregard to the inclusive accessibility ‘for everyone’. They include residential buildings like condo and rental apartment, office buildings, and almost every place in our daily life.

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New Van… is it accessible to all?

I just recognized the new van which already operated in some routes. From my perspective as seen from the outside, it looked no different than the typical model. I didn’t see a wheelchair logo, hydraulic system, or a low-floor entrance like those new operating bus model. Dear Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Thailand has had a law regarding the requirements of accessible facilities for more than 10 years, this includes in public transport as well. Moreover, the current government policy also regards universal design for all as part of their strategy. These accessible facilities are built for all, and …

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The Advent of BTS Ramp Plate

When you get off a train, there would normally have a gap between the train and the platform. Despite the gap, some trains stop at an unparalleled degree (different height level) to a platform edge. This gap makes it quite uncomfortable and unsafe, but ordinary passengers can still go through it. However, the case is not true for wheelchair users in particular of those having severe disabilities or having a power wheelchair with substantial weight. This hindrance is too risky and they cannot go through it by themselves.

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Participating in a meeting to address the importance of public transportation for all

The Accessibility Is Freedom and Transportation for All (T4A) have been encouraging to bring up the issue of public transport for all to the spotlight. Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity to have the first meeting with the Department of Rail Transport in order to highlight the issues. It’s a general first meeting in an attempt to share insights and information. The participants in the meeting consist of diverse people from various groups including contractor, rail service provider, PWDs representative, and many related parties. From a holistic point of view, this is a good starting point.

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6 Years ago, before I jumped-on fighting for the accessible parking and accessible facilities issue

The parking and accessible facilities in Thailand has defined in the law since 14 years ago. In the picture my car (BMW 3539) was parked on the right at Central Bang-na department store and there were many car parking in the accessible parking space and can’t be verified and we were seeing this happening all around in our country. Two years later, I published my first video clip and working on this issue and have been working on up until now. Now, we can be said in Thailand ‘mostly all public places’ have been fixing all their accessible facilities very …

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A field survey on accessible parking and facilities at Makro, South Pattaya (With Video clip)

This wasn’t quite a silent move. I got some works to do in Pattaya, so in spare time I managed to visit and investigate the accessible parking and facilities at Makro, South Pattaya branch. A great location with huge space and wonderful ambiance. The accessible parking consists of 3 slots: beautifully and correctly built with constant surveillance by the authorities.

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