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Design can make disabilities disappear

ภาพ ทางเดินเข้าอาคารมีพื้นต่างระดับความสูงไม่เกิน 2 นิ้ว

Before I begin, I would like to clarify that I am not a designer, but rather a user who has encountered various problems. Today, I would like to discuss something that I often talk about. Let’s consider the picture of a walkway leading to a building with a raised floor no more than 2 inches high to separate the outer and inner areas and we see this design almost everywhere, but I see it as a design that “has a significant impact on society.”

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New World Design : Let’s together design the new World (Inclusive Design / DBTM / TU / 2022)

ภาพ ซาบะกำลังบรรยาย

16 August 2022 The lecture to incubate empathy and understanding of physical diversity for 80+ of the future young designers, DBTM / Faculty of Architecture and Planning / Thammasat University, Rangsit campus. This year, we’ve made a little adjustment. In the morning: All of the students assigned to have an experiment with physical disabilities walked around the campus, doing their ordinary activities.

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You can make ‘THE BETTER WORLD’ (Lecture DBTM/TU 2021)

It becomes customary that I’m invited annually to give a special lecture to international students from Design Business Technology Management (DBTM) at Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus), Thailand. This year, marks the 5th anniversary of my public speech here. There were roughly 75 vibrant students at the virtual classroom as we’ve done it via Zoom (due to Covid-19). This was the first time in virtual setting and no match to the vibe of physical interaction. Yet these energetic students made it possible to make my informative stuff a little more fun.

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“When your physical body changes, your whole world changes”. –Special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University.

This was some of my talk for students that touched me heartfully during my special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University. During the lecture, We did an experiment illustrating that what would it look, and feel, like to be a disabled. All students were required to perform like in a particular kind of disability such as being blinded and being on wheelchair.

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“The best solution is the education and true understanding” : A special lecture on ‘Inclusive Design’ for DBTM Thammasat University

“My dream city is a fully inhabitable city that works for every citizen who can happily live with equality”, said one of many phases I told a group of 102 sophomores from the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University. I was given a wonderful opportunity to attend as a guest speaker here for the second consecutive year. Before the day, I arranged a meeting with Teacher Ben to discuss on how the contents should be structured as well as the main goal of the lecture. We intended to raise awareness, make critical understanding, and build deep inspiration toward the …

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Special Lecture on ‘Inclusive Design for the Inclusive Living’, Design Business Technology Management Programme, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University

It was fantastic! For a special lecture days ago with incredible 77 sophomores in Design Business Technology Management Programme, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Thammasat University. It began with a lecturer of the faculty contacted me via FB Page saying that he was my long-time fan and passionate on inclusive design as it is part of our lives. He also used to be a temporary disabled which greatly changed his attitude since then. So, he would like me to give a talk to inspire his students.

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