Ratchawithi Skywalk

ภาพ สมาชิกประชุม ถ่ายภาพร่วมกันทุกคนยกกำปั้น สัญลักษณ์ สนับสนุนและเดินหน้า

This has been a long-standing project, with many discussions among the city officials. Finally, we are moving forward. The official meeting with the local user group received a positive response, and everyone is supportive.
The good concept design for the Skywalk seems to be located next to the road, with a width of 4m, which should be alright.

We are providing our input to the consulting team #UDDC as follows:
1. It is essential to consider all groups of people.
2. The lift size should be suitable for hospital bed use (Emergency Case Transfer via EV city train).
3. The lift should not be located inside a building.
4. The Skywalk is already beneficial, but the pedestrian path below should also be developed. It could be a separate project and should at least meet new standards.
5. Connectivity issues should be addressed (the original Skywalk had stairs and more stairs).
6. Safety issues like CCTV etc.
7. Everyone should be involved in all processes, from design to testing throughout project close.

All this information comes from working collaboratively with various projects over time. We want a great project that makes everyone smile.


ภาพ ร่างผังเส้นทางเดิน Skywalk

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