My hand may hurt, but not as much as my heart does

All this time, since I broke a safety glass at the BTS station, so many friends, brothers and sisters have shown their concern about my hands.
I’m truly thankful for your love and care. However, I want to tell you that, “It’s alright that my hands got hurt, what hurts more was my heart …”
I really mean it. Do you wonder why my heart is still hurting?

My heart is hurting, for people with disabilities, as their basic rights are abused; “If you do not sign your name, you are not allowed to travel.”
It’s hurting, for the fact that I purchased the BTS ticket to show that, “I’m no longer using the service with privilege of a person with disabilities anymore”, still I couldn’t travel.
It’s hurting, for people with disabilities are not able to use the public transportation system like everybody else…
It’s hurting, for the fact that people with disabilities are not able to even commute to school.…
It’s hurting, for no matter which or how many governments have been in office, the rights of persons with disabilities never been addressed.…
It’s hurting, for Thai people are indifferent. They only care about what entertain them, but ignore the well-being of those who’re suffering in society.
It’s hurting, for the media that, instead of promoting serious social issues, choose to report and follow up the lottery news. …
It’s hurting, for over 3 years of the movement I’ve been advocating for, using my own money, it gets only little attention.
And lastly, it’s hurting, for over 3 years of working on this Facebook page, only a few have shared it.

These pains reflect the quality of people in the Thai society.
After reading about these hardships, you may try to ask yourself, …
“Am I causing this too? …”

“I cannot change the country all by myself. I have demonstrated for so long that, “Problems can be solved only if we’re willing to work on it.”
All of the basic facilities, in which my friends and I are campaigning, are for all of you. And soon enough, you will need to use them as well.
Who among you would argue that my agony, makes no sense?

Please sign your name as a positive force; Like on this page, help share show up yourself that you’re a part of power of change.


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