Manit Saba Intharapim

Name: Manit Saba Intharapim
Telephone/LINE/WhatsApp: +66-82-3355-031
Email: [email protected]

Social Contributions:
More than 26 years of behind-the-scene social service and support, 7 years of the rights and equality activist.
Founder of Accessibility Is Freedom to promote public awareness.

The following are main projects that I’m working on:
1. Accessible parking and facilities.
2. The safe and inclusive access to public transports, urban areas and buildings.
3. Promoting the human rights, equal chance of opportunity, public consciousness and social responsibility.
4. Promoting the benefits of physical and mental health for sustainable live.
5. Produce and publicize new media under the name #SabaLive

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IT Works:
Over 30 years of professional experiences in IT industry, as a computer programmer. Was the one of pioneer developers of Microsoft Office 97 Thai Edition (that’s in use to this day). Engaged in many state enterprise corporations in various industries including hotel, hospital, oil and gas exploration and software development.

Present Works:
1. An IT consultant focus on the system security and stability.
2. A lecturer and special guest speaker.
3. A consultant regarding accessibility facilities.
4. A photographer and writer.
5. A new media and creator, digital television and broadcasting.
6. I’m crazy at running for my health and to promote equality, I have been join four marathon races with 4 hours 6 minutes personal best score.