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เราจะเป็น #หนึ่งพลัง ร่วมเปลี่ยนแปลงสังคม
We will be THE ONE who change our country
[มานิตย์ ซาบะ อินทร์พิมพ์]

[Manit Saba Intharapim]

“Welfare and Accessibility” lecture @ International College, Faculty of Social Administration, Tham-ma-sat University, Tha-pra-chan Campus.

We were invited to educate the students about welfare and accessibility. Before this lecture, I have not had much information about the welfare system. Therefore, I’d worked on it to find the information about the subject and I found out a lot of interesting insights from all networks both globally and domestically.

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Because we have nothing difference: Race for Equality

Friends of mine always asked why you put so much efforts in practicing and exercising? Today I’d like to tell you something… In the past, as my aged, my body began showing signs for many weakness. It’s gradually getting worse. I then realised that it would be an absolute nightmare if I didn’t do anything. This worry and fear contributed to a project I called “#BESTRONG”

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Create an inclusive society in Asia 2019

  Last of March, we got such a wonderful opportunity to join works with Dr. Toshi, from Japan, in a project called “Create an inclusive society in Asia.” Grounded in his goodwill and intention, Dr. Toshi wishes to plant a seed of awareness and make a grand impact to the society for transformative changes in the whole region. The project is mutually a collaborative endeavor from Japan Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand with its members include both  non and with people with disabilities (PWDs).

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Hello Milos, thx for your help!

I meet a friend of mine who, from Germany, comes to Thailand for travelling. I call him “Milos” in short as his full German name is incredibly too long lol. Milos knew us since last year and had come into constant contact since then. He also knew perfectly that our financial situation isn’t that good. So he offers us some good one. I only have to deny him because it’s already wonderful enough being just friends, and also his support is more valuable than money. But his wife insists that “It’s our good intention and we’re truly happy to meet …

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