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เราจะเป็น #หนึ่งพลัง ร่วมเปลี่ยนแปลงสังคม
We will be THE ONE who change our country
[มานิตย์ ซาบะ อินทร์พิมพ์]

[Manit Saba Intharapim]

‘The S-Guard’, tools for blocking the motorcycle, another prison that locks down people with disabilities.

Jern-jern is a young PWD with muscular weakness (ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Still fresh from university, she has been working for 2 years. Her office is at Ratchada (read as Rat-cha-da) area, adjacent to her place in about 300-meter wheeling distance. Along the way on sidewalk, she has to encounter with a shit called ‘S-Guard’. It’s a traffic-calming invention built to prevent motorists driving on sidewalk. The S-Guard  can’t do the job, preventing motorists but blocking Jern-jern. She has no choice but to get down on the road and find her own way out. And we all know that …

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Today on Facebook page we just hit a 30,000 likes, a new chapter is waiting ahead. Let’s make the happy city for all!

I’d like to share with you today. Anyone who comes to this page would recognise its cover image which I had posted it since the very beginning, and it never changed. It’s my strong intention and ambitious vision that laid a foundation for all my works. I name the image “The City of Tomorrow” to remind us our sense of duty to make the city together. It’s my dream to have a city that all of its dwellers are living happily regardless of their physical conditions.

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Problem solving in a ‘new normal’ way, our real ability!

Problem solving in a new normal way, our real ability! Today I’d like to share with you some of our main progresses during the last month that we’ve collaborated and supported the wide range of our networks. Things are quite impressive actually. As long as I can remember they are: 1. The accessible parking design at Sa-mi-ti-vej Sri-na-ka-rin Hospital / work done in 1 week. 2. The physical barrier around the subway entrance at MRT Bang Pho station / issue reported, and acknowledged, to the top management within 10 minutes.

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The entrance of the MRT Bang O station, even a ‘puppy’ feels cramped to pass!

One of our fellow networks has sent this devastating scene to me when he explored the whole area of MRT Bang O station, a newly-built station recently opened for service. I personally don’t blame the labour workers who, after all, follow the order of their boss. And their boss follows the order of their superior up further, and the superior to the more superior.

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The comparison between Bangkok’s brand-new pavement and Japan old-aged pacement, at a subway entrance

I recently got this pic. The width of Bangkok’s pavement is next to nothing. While the Tokyo city built since 36 years ago and offers you very wide even a car can run on. An image is worth million words. This kind of scene has prevailed in Thai society for too long. Why didn’t we see much improvements at all? Why we’re still underdeveloped, and let this non-sense takes over our city and our life?

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How I’m supposed to fucking go?!

To Bangkok Government gentlemen: If we investigate and found that you’ve approved this shit, you’re fucked up because this is totally wrong and obviously ILLEGAL. Prepare for that. To the ones who built this: Gentlemen, you better care others more, people like me, your bro, and many more in real need. I’ve advised you guys for fucking free for so long. And is this the outcome? Come on man.

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Thailand’s People with disabilities Education Data

The number of registered PWDs in Thailand accounts roughly about 2 million people. Among this, I’ve selected some interesting fact, and one that raises a question, about PWDs’ educational level to share with you. What do you think? No doubt, education is a key factor, and gateway, to one’s pursue of quality life. We must help each other. Help rebuild our city with more equality and accessibility. When we have a truly accessible and equitable city where we can go anywhere we want, the disabled whose perception from the public is ‘less fortunate’, would be able to go to school …

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STRONGER people, better society

If you have been following my work and direction you’d realise I often said “BE STRONG”, I do mean both physically and mentally! Problems are everywhere in any society and in all our walks of life, aren’t there? Yet, if we’re perfectly healthy, no matter how hard the problem we could have an ability and mentality to see, to think, to analyze what’s right and what’s not right. We could bring ourselves to face and solve the problems effectively.

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