Saba smashed the BTS’s elevator, the first meeting

Bangkok, Thailand:
The first minute meeting between me and T4A, Traffic and Transportation Department (of Bangkok Government), BTS and related organisations (since 03/16/2018)

  1. All those elevators at BTS’s stations must be unlocked and fixed. The BTS stations without elevators must have them installed.
  2. The BTS should not require every disabled person to sign in before using the BTS’s services. If, for safety reasons, the BTS should ask-first on a case by case basis. 
  3. The elevator that was damaged by the fire at the On-Nuch BTS station is being replaced very soon.
  4. Good news! The city of Bangkok will approve a contingency funding to improve the BTS stations which have elevators service at the street level on only one side of the road.
  5. Accessibility Is Freedom / T4A member and the executives in the organisations involved will visit the stations, together to do the survey together.
  6. The “Issues Tracking Sheet” will be released for the public soon.

I would like to thank the Bangkok government representative, all related org and BTS.

I hope this elevator issue will be resolved soon, because this is not just a problem for people with disabilities.
Everyone of us deserves access to transport infrastructure, and to be able to travel is a basic Human Right.
This elevator issue should be addressed as a Thai Government’s concern.
Those promises don’t mean a thing, we need make sure they are going to keep their promises.
And we need to spread the news and help each other to fix the problem.


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