Saba Smash BTS Elevator

Joining a meeting with the Traffic and Transportation Department (TTD) about BTS elevators project and Change Bangkok for everyone campaign

On behalf of the president of a railway accessibility and a following-up of BTS elevators installation group, the representative of T4A association and PWDs, I went to meet Mr. Phanurak Klannurak, director of the TTD, and his board of directors in order to follow up the installation process of additional elevators on BTS stations and also others projects that we may work together in future.

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“The disabled’s smashing of the BTS elevator” The Confession of the Incident.

I was invited to give a talk at an exhibition regarding accessibility. I wanted to tell everyone the truth about the incident on last year that why I smashed the BTS elevator. At first, this incident was aggressive and violent which everyone should avoid doing so. But since it already happened, we better find out the reasons. The Constitution of Thailand has stated clearly that “Human dignity, rights, liberties and equality of the people shall be protected. The Thai people, irrespective of their origins, sexes or religions, shall enjoy equal protection under this Constitution.” Well written. But in reality, PWDs …

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