Power Of Change

“When your physical body changes, your whole world changes”. –Special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University.

This was some of my talk for students that touched me heartfully during my special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University. During the lecture, We did an experiment illustrating that what would it look, and feel, like to be a disabled. All students were required to perform like in a particular kind of disability such as being blinded and being on wheelchair.

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Giving an interview and advice to undergraduates of Faculty of Communication Arts from Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon

26 September 2020 At Victory Monument, I brought these young students to the ground to give an interview about the rights and equality in getting access. I also provided personal advice from my firsthand experiences. These youths, I admitted, were heavily vibrant and full of creativity. What a fantastic day.

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Solving a problem by building the right understanding. Next month We’ll meet with students from Faculty of Architecture, Inclusive Design Innovation Programme.

ภาพ บางส่วนของจอหมายเชิญพี่ซาบะไปบรรยายพิเศษ

Recently I just got a letter of invitation to give a talk at Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus. Once again, this is not the first time as I used to do so there a year ago. Fresh and vibrant environment, I can’t wait to see the students! Big thanks to Ajarn Nui, DBTM, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus. The sustainable way to solve a problem is to build the right understanding to the young people at the first place. They will soon take over the society and that a big transformation is just inevitable.

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A Man Who Made Saba The Better Man

Flash back to my early life on a student day, I still had a version 1 of disability, an infectious disease of Polio that caused muscle weakness on one of my legs. Though I was still be able to walk, unfirmly. My family back then was dirt poor. My super, solo mom raised her 4 children by herself in a rural area with extreme Third-World conditions of ‘70s Thailand. An old Thai movie “Kru-Ban-Norg” (A Rural Teacher) reflects almost perfectly how my life was back then.

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Do not let anyone define our possibilities | Manit Saba Intharapim | TEDxCharoenkrung, TEDx

Accessibility is a basis of everyone’s life. Although society becomes more diverse and comprises of different groups of people, everyone should have the equal right to access basic facilities (i.e. transportation) to have the opportunity to develop oneself and grow up happily. Saba, a founder of Accessibility Is Freedom, the right and equality activist who believes that we all create our own destiny. Keep fighting and Keep doing will bring us to our dreams.

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‘Power of new generation will cause sustainable change to our country’ | Special lecture: Universal Design for the 3rd year students from faculty of architecture, Thammasat university, Rangsit campus.

In a past few years, we have got contact from Thammasat university, also students who contacted me by them self and professors who asking us to give some special lectures, this year Prof. Han-sa who teaches in ‘UD352-Mega City in the Global South’ also have us a called. “I’m appreciated that professor giving us the opportunity to pass-on our knowledge to the students which is very worth it”, I said that I first met the her.

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