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Do not let anyone define our possibilities | Manit Saba Intharapim | TEDxCharoenkrung, TEDx

Accessibility is a basis of everyone’s life. Although society becomes more diverse and comprises of different groups of people, everyone should have the equal right to access basic facilities (i.e. transportation) to have the opportunity to develop oneself and grow up happily. Saba, a founder of Accessibility Is Freedom, the right and equality activist who believes that we all create our own destiny. Keep fighting and Keep doing will bring us to our dreams.

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‘Power of new generation will cause sustainable change to our country’ | Special lecture: Universal Design for the 3rd year students from faculty of architecture, Thammasat university, Rangsit campus.

In a past few years, we have got contact from Thammasat university, also students who contacted me by them self and professors who asking us to give some special lectures, this year Prof. Han-sa who teaches in ‘UD352-Mega City in the Global South’ also have us a called. “I’m appreciated that professor giving us the opportunity to pass-on our knowledge to the students which is very worth it”, I said that I first met the her.

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Accessibility & Social Responsibility in Bangkok City 2019 – DBTM’s Inclusive Design at Faculty of Architecture

We took the students from the Faculty of Architecture, Thammasat University to survey on the city accessibility, traffic system, and public transportations and also I wanted our younger  to look over was social responsibility. For 9 hours, They were very nice and patient. I could feel that they have learned, seen, and experienced an actual ‘disabled life’ in Thai society. From experiencing a real tough life of handicapped persons, some of them cried, some of them had hand injury and some almost fainted from the exhaustment. All lessons they had learned that day would be useful for all architecture designs …

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“Welfare and Accessibility” lecture @ International College, Faculty of Social Administration, Tham-ma-sat University, Tha-pra-chan Campus.

We were invited to educate the students about welfare and accessibility. Before this lecture, I have not had much information about the welfare system. Therefore, I’d worked on it to find the information about the subject and I found out a lot of interesting insights from all networks both globally and domestically.

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“Society changes when you dare to step forward.”

Days ago I posted on Facebook to ask for a volunteer for field work. This young man, very soon after, sent a message to do the job. He’s a pioneer follower and has been following since that #PriorityParking video about 5 years ago. He read my recent post and wasted no time to made a contact to me. “Reeve” used to have a serious accident affecting almost the whole of his body from the top to the bottom. If you take a notice you would realise that his movement isn’t normal, and his arm isn’t quite healthy. But if you …

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Welcome to Thailand! ‘The Knowledge Co-Creation Program (Group And Region Focus) In Independent Living And Mainstreaming For Persons With Disabilities In Africa 2019’

The 15 years of program was fund by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and held by the Disabled Peoples’ International (DPI). Every year there would from participants from many friends around the world. The training course began from Japan and then Bangkok. Thailand, this year is the third year that we join the program, welcoming guests. Today we brought our new friends to have a tour around Bangkok. We travelled to the old and new public transport systems to give them a glimpse of how the system in Bangkok look like.

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