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“Society changes when you dare to step forward.”

Days ago I posted on Facebook to ask for a volunteer for field work. This young man, very soon after, sent a message to do the job. He’s a pioneer follower and has been following since that #PriorityParking video about 5 years ago. He read my recent post and wasted no time to made a contact to me.

“Reeve” used to have a serious accident affecting almost the whole of his body from the top to the bottom. If you take a notice you would realise that his movement isn’t normal, and his arm isn’t quite healthy. But if you walk bypass him on the street, you probably don’t recognise some of his disabilities.

However, this young gentleman dared to step forward and offered me a sincere help (actually without asking me what kind of help I need him to do!).

Thai society has to change. Helping one another is essentially important as a collective society. It’s not just about people with disabilities, it’s about everyone. You can take Reeve, and many other latent volunteers, as a great example. Reeve himself wasn’t originally a disabled in the past.

I just want to say that there is not that much for people like Reeve in our society. It’s just too little which makes a real change too difficult to accomplish.

I know this by the first day I decided to jump into this work that “It’s almost an impossible job”. But there is no turning back and I really want that change realised.

What I want to shout out to you, and I want you to listen clearly, is that “Society changes when you dare to step forward!”

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