Mega Bangna’s accessibility score is the highest ever in shopping mall category! Perfectly brilliant and virtually all-rounded!

During 2017-2018, we had involved and made a deliberate consultation to the Mega Bangna’s management team. This inclusive collaboration included the accessible parking improvement, toilet redesign, its new zone of Mega Foodwalk, and many more.

I still remember that one of the management guaranteed firmly that the mall would incorporate full accessible facilities so everyone can get access comfortably and equally.

Time passed, and I regularly received good news about the mall’s traffic that increasingly welcomed variety groups of customers; family, the elderly, or the wheelchair users. They came there because they knew they could, thanks to the all promised inclusive facilities. Well done!

Look at these examples to see how great it is:
1. The full-option accessible parking: massive in quantity beyond the stated law, and finely aesthetic in design. No wonder anyone would be proud enjoying this excellent service.
2. The full-option accessible toilet: all-rounded and functional in use. The SOS emergency set not one but at lease two are also found throughout the mall, possibly the only one in this country.
3. All parks and gardens are built so highly accessible. Any wheel could enjoy here.
4. The overall service and facilities, to be honest, is in such a colossal level, equipped with trained staff.

This is clearly one of the best malls in Thailand, or in the world?
It also tells us that the cost to build this high level of accessibility would eventually return to themselves in the long-run as many people would choose to come around.

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the considerate management team and all involved parties of Mega Bangna for your hard working and relentless pursue for perfection.

Till this day, and in my mind, Mega Bangna still ranks the 1st mall in term of accessibility.


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