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The Worst

BMA Feeder, the bus to and from train station ‘MUST BE AN ACCESSIBLE BUSES’ …

Hot update: I’m told that the new buses that would pickup the passenger to and from the train station ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE BUSES!!! To the Governor of Bangkok, the spokesman and the director of the Bureau of Traffic and Transport Bangkok, the government policy is an equality and don’t leave anyone behind that we’re all need to aware of. Please use the the accessible buses as standard on all public transport systems.

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I’m living in prison

Thai laws and regulations are actually great, yet its enforcement to make it into practice is still highly ‘unsatisfied’. Most buildings, if not all, are built in disregard to the inclusive accessibility ‘for everyone’. They include residential buildings like condo and rental apartment, office buildings, and almost every place in our daily life.

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Poor control of footpath work. Bad for pedestrians, worse for the disabled.

Our group of activists passed by Asoke area during the beginning of April. We found that there was, at full scale, an ongoing footpath work alongside the main road. Yet there was no other way for pedestrians to walk safely and comfortably. Ordinary people might still survive this scenario but the same is not true for the disabled, and far worse for wheelchair user that has to step down on the busy street to get through. A real life-threatening moment.

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CPS Coffee IS NOT Accessible!!

Bangkok, a city of global destination, on March 14, 2019, I took my foreign friends a city tour. Before the tour begins, we would like to have some coffee, so we rushed to Terminal 21 shopping mall at A-soke. At the mall’s entrance, which connected to BTS A-soke station, we found a brand-new, and magnificent, coffee shop named CPS Coffee. Its glamour and brilliant design drew our attention to get in. Yet we were unable to do so as it was highly inaccessible. A friend of mine then told that “I came to this shop in the morning, but I …

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How can you get through it? Ask yourself

We made a field survey on this site six months ago. We’ve gathered useful information, all possibly available, regarding the Bangkok BTS Green Line South Extension and provided with critical recommendations to the government sectors and civil servants. Despite our huge efforts for the better, today it seems that things get worse, truly worse! AS YOU CAN SEE!, this is a thing you won’t see from the wise man. The Prime Minister once has stated precisely that “We won’t leave a man behind”. The Minister of Transport was also quickly responsive to his policy. But the reality doesn’t reflect what …

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“Please help me!..” a calling for help from PWDs…

Please Help MeThis morning, I got a call soon after I woke up. It appeared to be a very hotline asking for help from Jeab, and her team. They were going to Phit-sa-nu-lok for trip by AirAsia airline. One of her team member was an powered wheelchair user. The airline didn’t allow bringing his battery, necessary forpowered wheelchair, on board. So I suggested her to call any other hotlines for help, as possible as they could find, at the very intense moment.

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