City Development (Bangkok)

Asoke Intersection is not the same anymore…

In one of my recent fieldworks, I mentioned to the (city development) team the issues with crosswalk that tarnishes and wears out quickly. Most likely from all the pollutants such as dust and dirt. The amount of traffic and the multiple ongoing construction projects are the likely culprit. So I asked them if they could do something about it and keep the crosswalk clean.

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‘Asoke Intersection’ would soon welcome people for ALL with unprecedented convenience, safety, and equality. (Bangkok City’s Gentrification pilot project)

9 January 2021 “Accessibility Is Freedom” and “Infrastructure Thailand”, as civilian participants, joined with Bangkok Metropolitan Administrator (BMA) spearheaded by its young and visionary spokesman, Khun Earth (Mr. Pongsakorn Kwanmuang). We explored by foots throughout the vibrant Asoke Intersection, the heart and busiest part of this area. The agenda was how to design streets so that people of all ages and physical conditions could make a perfectly safe and convenient crossing. Asoke Intersection has been a place of our movements for many times. So we quite have an insights and practical recommendations to share. Detail what we’ve done plan:

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