The quality of life and public safety of a citizen…

A fellow friend of mine was recently hit a jackpot by having an (necessary) accident while he was about to step down from ill-built pedestrian cross bridge, making his rib broken severely.

The district’s authority soon came to repair it, after the incident went viral. I was even more surprised by the quality of work repair. You can compare the before-and-after image. What an awful, careless job.

That friend of mine is a healthy young man. He still got injured severely, not to mention those weaker who would suffer even worse. And if you remember, this kind of news is so prevalent that we regularly heard of. Have you ever thought that one day would it be you, your family, or your loved one who experience this?

Relatively fortunate, it’s only his rib and he would recover soon, not too severe to make him disabled. In that case I would have a new member lol.

We must allow ourselves time to think about it. Do we want to really live in such a dangerous, life-threatening environment like this? How long would it continue? Don’t we want a good quality of life? What can we do to make a change?

These problems will gradually fade away only if all of us step forward to fix it, to set a new, better standard.

“Encouragement” or “Cheering up” wouldn’t solve the problems. You must begin to think and take some actions now.

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